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Painless root canal treatment in jammu

Experience pain-free root canal treatments near you at Esthetic Edge Dental Clinic. High-quality RCT solutions at competitive prices.

Root Canal Treatment


At Esthetic Edge Dental Clinic, we are committed to transforming the traditional perception of root canal treatments. Our mission is to provide painless root canal procedures that alleviate discomfort and ensure a positive patient experience. As the best dental clinic in Jammu, we utilize cutting-edge technology and the expertise of the best dentist in Jammu to deliver exceptional care.

Our painless root canal treatment begins with a comprehensive examination using advanced imaging tools to accurately diagnose the extent of the infection. This allows us to create a tailored treatment plan that focuses on precision and effectiveness while maintaining your comfort throughout the procedure.


The actual root canal procedure is meticulously performed under local anesthesia to ensure complete numbness in the treatment area. Our skilled dental team then carefully removes the infected pulp, thoroughly cleans the root canals, and fills them with a biocompatible material to prevent future infections.

After the procedure, we provide detailed aftercare instructions and schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction and optimal dental health.

Steps of the Painless Root Canal Procedure​​


1.  Consultation and Diagnosis

  • Comprehensive examination of the affected tooth, including X-rays, to assess the extent of the infection or decay.

  • Diagnosis to determine the necessity of a root canal treatment and discuss the procedure with the patient.

2.  Anesthesia Administration:

  • Application of a local anesthetic to numb the affected area, ensuring the procedure is pain-free. For anxious patients, sedation options may also be offered. 

3.  Tooth Isolation:

  • Placement of a dental dam (a small protective sheet) around the tooth to keep it dry and free from saliva during the procedure.

4.  Access Opening:

  • Creating a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access the infected or damaged pulp inside.


5.  Pulp Removal and Cleaning:

  • Carefully removing the infected or damaged pulp tissue from the pulp chamber and root canals using specialized instruments.

  • Meticulously cleaning and shaping the interior of the tooth, including the root canals, to prepare for filling.    

6.  Disinfection:

  • Disinfecting the pulp chamber and root canals using antimicrobial solutions to eliminate any remaining bacteria and prevent future infection.


7.  Filling the Canals:

  • Filling the cleaned and shaped canals with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha to seal the canals and prevent reinfection.

  • Placing a temporary or permanent filling to seal the access opening made at the beginning of the procedure.


8.  Restoration:

  • If a permanent crown is not placed immediately, a temporary filling is used to protect the tooth until the permanent restoration is ready.

  • Typically, a crown is placed on the treated tooth to restore its strength, function, and appearance. This may be done in a subsequent visit after the root canal treatment. 


9.  Follow-Up Care:

  • Providing the patient with detailed post-treatment care instructions to ensure proper healing and comfort.

  • Scheduling a follow-up appointment to monitor the healing process and finalize any remaining restorative work.


​Advantages of Our Painless Root Canal Treatment
  • Comfort and Ease: Our advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment ensure a virtually painless experience, making your visit stress-free and comfortable.

  • Experienced Professionals: Led by the best dentist in Jammu, our team has extensive experience and specialized training in performing root canals with precision and care.

  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest dental technology to diagnose and treat root canal issues effectively, ensuring high success rates and long-lasting results. ​

  • Personalized Care: Each treatment plan is customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the best care possible. ​

  • Quick Recovery: Our efficient procedures minimize recovery time, allowing you to return to your daily activities sooner. 

  • Affordable Rates: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of care, making it accessible to a broader range of patients. 

  • Comprehensive Follow-up: Post-treatment care and follow-up appointments are part of our commitment to ensuring your complete recovery and satisfaction. 


Choosing Esthetic Edge Dental Clinic for your root canal treatment means opting for excellence and peace of mind. Our clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and our dentists are continuously updating their skills with the latest advancements in dental science. This ensures that you receive the best possible care, making us the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-notch dental services in Jammu.

For those searching for the best dentist in Jammu or the best dental clinic in Jammu, look no further than Esthetic Edge Dental Clinic.   

Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a pain-free, healthy smile.

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